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Help build up New Hampshire's economy by donating to NH Made which is a non-profit membership-based organization.

Many small businesses and/or family run companies are still struggling in the post pandemic era.  Many do not have the finances, staff, or capital needed to stay viable and keep their doors open.  NH Made supports our members by aiding with marketing, wholesale/distribution and fiscal management. We also provide valuable resources to help implement solid business practices to produce successful business outcomes. 

NH Made maintains partnerships with the Division of Travel and Tourism, The Department of Agriculture, The Department of Economic Affairs, and the New Hampshire Grocers Association to name a few.  Affiliation with these organizations will further help us to achieve our mission and core initiatives while supporting our membership base.

The struggles that these small member-based businesses are facing can best be solved at the local level from our own community.  That is why we are asking you for your support.  All donations would directly contribute to the success of our non-profit organization, which is often an overlooked segment of our New Hampshire economy.  I personally extend my sincere gratitude for your help and support.  Please contact me directly with any questions you may have, and/or visit our headquarters and retail shop in downtown Portsmouth where many of our talented members' products are displayed and sold. 

Many thanks,

Jessi Edgecomb, Executive Director  



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Thank you for choosing to gift NH Made. Your support allows us to help maintain the character of our communities while developing a thriving local and statewide economy.


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