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Volcanic Ash: Small Batch Hot Sauce 

The Ash is Born…out of a love for travel, of heat and spice, good food, good friends, and good memories – and perhaps a shot or two of fine tequila….

A tight group of friends who share a love of travel and spice forms the roots of what became Volcanic Ash.  Upon returning from a trip to Mexico, a good friend brought back a jar of hot sauce that was absolutely amazing, and, over time, became the stuff of legend. Many nights over the span of a year or two were spent trying to recreate this illustrious sauce that was now only a memory, but an extremely vivid memory that just wouldn’t let go.

What was in this magical elixir? Ghost peppers? Cayenne? Was it all habaneros or a blend of various peppers? There was definitely oil – and absolutely no vinegar like most hot sauces – but what kind of oil – and how much? How was the rich consistency achieved and how about the flavor? Onions, definitely! They were in there. But was there garlic…debated.

And so it went, with long and wonderful evenings spent sitting around a fire, roasting peppers, sharing tequila, reliving tales of travel and hot sauces found in South America, The Caribbean, and Africa. We began comparing our creations and trying to decide if we were at all close to the fabled original from the Yucatan of Mexico.

This was the hobby that grew into an obsession, a mission. And over a period of seven years, Volcanic Ash was born and has evolved to what it is now.  Inspired by a memory and a story, but ultimately unlike its muse, the end result is totally unique and absolutely original.  And unlike anything you have ever tasted.

What makes it so great? More than just heat, “The Ash” brings a deep, robust and rich flavor. But fear not spice lovers, the Ash delivers the goods providing a powerful, lingering heat accented with the caramelized flavors of the aromatics – onion and garlic. Volcanic ash lives somewhere between a paste and a sauce, it is a condiment that “sticks” to everything – your food, your tongue, your heart.

You too will fall in love and it won’t let go, we guarantee you too will become addicted to the essence of Volcanic Ash. Its memory will linger and won’t let go…but fear not – unlike the mysterious and celebrated original – you can always order more Volcanic Ash.

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