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Hearty Mushroom Risotto- Cucina Aurora Online

Hearty Mushroom Risotto- Cucina Aurora Online

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Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery hearty mushroom risotto. 5 oz.


Creamy and flavorful, our Risotto mixes are perfect for cooking up something special in just 20 minutes. We use only Arborio rice, native to Italy. Risotto is generally thought to be time consuming and hard to cook. But the Kitchen Witch has made it easy! Simmer, stir and serve!

All of our Risottos are Gluten Free and contain NO MSG, artificial preservatives or ingredients, AND they are Vegan friendly!

Mushrooms are packed with Vitamin D and may help us through the winter months when most people lack this important nutrient due to shorter days and more time spent indoors. But did you know mushrooms have a long folk lore of being home to fairies and goblins in enchanted woods?  So gobble up your mushrooms with lightness in your heart and be sure to check they are not home to any pixies before you eat them!

Take a look at how to Make Swiss Cheeseburger Risotto that was featured on WMUR’s Cooks Corner!

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