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Backyard Garlic LLC

Dehydrated Garlic Refill Bag (Backyard Garlic)- Online

Dehydrated Garlic Refill Bag (Backyard Garlic)- Online

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Our dehydrated garlic refill bag is ready when you are. Simply tear open the resealable refill bag, unscrew the lid on your grinder jar (turn lefty-loosey) and pour dehydrated garlic into the jar. Easy.

Backyard Garlic works great in a mortar and pestle too! And if you have a pepper mill ready to try something different—fill it with Backyard Garlic and start something savory and new.

Backyard Garlic is 100% garlic. It’s a great alternative to garlic powder. Our garlic is grown, harvested, cured, cracked, peeled, chopped, dehydrated, jarred, and bagged in New Hampshire and Maine, never using any synthetic chemicals.

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