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Jack's Crackers, LLC

Gourmet Crackers (Jack's Crackers)- Online

Gourmet Crackers (Jack's Crackers)- Online

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Our Who

Jack’s Crackers in a small craft bakery located in Southwestern New Hampshire. We make really cool crackers.

Our What

Jack’s Crackers products are based on the idea that a cracker is a lot like life. It may be simple, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Based in Keene, New Hampshire, our crackers are hand made in small batches with natural, GMO free ingredients and are preservative free. They are great by themselves or with your favorite toppings.

Our Why

Not too many people are willing to stand in the middle ground. Being in the middle means being able to stand on your own, but also being wiling and able to support others and help them to be more of what they are. These crackers started as a “plate” to use to serve a dish in a cooking competition. We’ve continued to create more plates in different and fun flavors that can stand alone, but also compliment and support other foods; both literally and figuratively. We also love helping people understand that creating good food is not magic, but a skill that develops from paying attention to both what you like and what works well together. We all can be creative in the kitchen, and our products are designed to create a base from which people can do this.

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